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By JOANNA MAZEWSKI | April 8th, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles, who is expecting his first child with his wife, Danneel Harris, wants his fans to help him out with a good cause.

In lieu of baby gifts, Jensen is asking that fans donate to the Hats Off For Cancer organization on Fundly.com. So far, he has managed to raise almost $20,000. Here’s what he writes:

Some of you have expressed interest in giving Danneel and I baby gifts for our little girl. We would ask instead that you donate to this wonderful charity. We are truly grateful for your support and generosity.

Talk about a great cause from a very great actor, right? Plus, there’s only so many baby wipe warmers you can get! To donate to the cause, check out the link here!

Photo via PacificCoastNews.com

Article linked from: http://www.babble.com/celebrity/jensen-ackles-wants-fans-to-donate-to-charity-in-lieu-of-baby-gifts/

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I have been receiving a lot of emails from schools, groups and companies, asking how to help spread awareness during September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I thought it might be good to address that here on the blog.  First, check out our Get Involved section on the Hats Off For Cancer (HOC) Web site if you know how you want to help.  If you’re still unsure, keep reading.

One of the easiest and more impacting ways to get involved is by hosting a Mad Hatter Drive at your school or church, in your community, with an organization or at your place of work.

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There are a ton of different ideas for your drive listed in our e-packets.

  • Some that have been very successful for groups in the past include designating a “Hat Day” where you collect a $1 donation from each person that wears a hat for the day.
  • Another great idea for an elementary or middle school is asking everyone to bring in their craziest hat and put it on during an assembly, asking for a $1 donation for HOC, and then holding a “Hat Parade” outside so everyone can see the fun hats and handing out prizes in certain categories!
  • You can host a Mad Hatter tea party and charge admission, either a new hat or a couple of dollars.
  • Hat drives are also a great way to give back, asking everyone to bring in new, kid-friendly hats to give to HOC.
  • Some groups have held a Battle of the Bands or a local concert after school or at church and used the admission fees to donate to HOC.
  • High Schools and Colleges have challenged rival schools to a competition to see who can raise the most money or collect the most hats.
  • Contact your local grocery store about partnering to ask patrons to donate $1 and they can write their name on a hat cut-out and post them up in the store display area.
  • Church groups and civic organizations and groups can knit or crochet soft hats.
  • Schools have used assembly time to show the HOC PSA and music video as a way to help everyone understand a little more about cancer and who is being helped through volunteering for Hats Off For Cancer.
  • Companies can give workers additional casual day passes for those that have participated in a donation or hat drive, or hold a golf outing with your company as the sponsor.
  • Everyone can get involved by hosting a virtual fundraiser through our online donation page where you can set up your very own page for Hats Off For Cancer and send the link out to family and friends.
  • You can find more ideas based on your type of group and event by visiting the Get Involved section of our Web site: Get Involved.

Truly, the opportunities are endless.  However, the most important part to remember is that you’re helping to spread awareness of this terrible disease, and you’re encouraging others to donate in a very simple, but in a way that is very meaningful and important to those benefiting from it.

Ultimately, one of the goals of Hats Off For Cancer is that everyone who participates in or coordinates an event, realizes how easy it is to give back, and uses this as a springboard to continue seeking out opportunities to give back to others in need.


Here is a fun way to promote awareness. Just share this photo on your facebook page or tweet it to your followers!

Remember, getting involved can be as easy as you want it to be, but the impact can be felt for the rest of your life.

Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll consider joining us in bringing some much needed awareness to the courageous kids and teens who are battling and have battled cancer!

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We received this in our inbox from Brittany!  Please check out Alex’s web site.

My niece Alexandria (Alex) loved her Minnie Mouse hat!
The following is a link to her website with her story

Thank you to our donors and supporters that make Alex’s smiles possible as she shows off her new hat.

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Recently, a fashion photographer traveled to Europe to photograph during the S/S 2012 runway season.  He brought his special yellow cap with him and photographed models wearing it.  He dedicated this to Hats Off For Cancer.  Thank you, to Bonae L’amour for dedicating this to our organization and the children battling cancer everyday & 65 models who participated in this wonderful project!

Constance JablonskiColinne Michaelis

Here is more about the project in his words:

A spontaneous collaboration between Bonae L’amour & 65 models during the S/S 2012 runway season.

As a kid growing up in the city of New Orleans, LA (aka “The Big Easy”), I was nicknamed “B. Easy” for my chill and stress-free demeanor, which was picked up by the friendliness of the people of my hometown.

I collected baseball caps and loved wearing them as a teenager. When I moved away from home, I abandoned a part of the old me because I was trying to be corporate and strict to please a formal girlfriend.

After that breakup, I was reunited with the love of my life Ann, who gifted me with this yellow cap before she died. She had it custom-made so that “B. Easy” was included on the side of the cap to remind me of being true to myself and to continue to live the philosophy of “B.Easy. No Stress. No Stress.”

There has been no greater gift to me, aside from the gift of life, than the yellow cap because it stands for something beyond the motto. It stands for love and being loved and accepted by others for being true to yourself. In my travels to Europe, I took the cap with me to share love and acceptance with others.

“B. Easy” = “Be chill. Relax. No stress. No Stress. Live carefree. No worries. Hakuna Matata.”

The life of a model is very stressful during fashion week. The luxury and glamor that we all see on the runway are not what these catwalkers experience behind the scenes. I traveled to Europe to photograph and cheer them on during the S/S 2012 runway season.In the end, by chance and kindness, 65 high fashion models were great sports and joined the fun. In the spirit of spreading love and the “be easy” or care-free philosophy, they wore this cap so graciously for my camera in Europe. Click here for a full list of all the leading ladies who looked absolutely fly and hot with the cap!

This was a spontaneous collaboration. The cap is not for sale. I just wanted to share the message of love and acceptance with you all.

For those who are interested, I am dedicating the entire project to Hats Off for Cancer – a non-profit organization that collects and donates hats of all kinds to the courageous children who lose their hair due to cancer treatments. Please visit their site to make a donation and/or find more ways to get involved.

With love always,

Damian Bao / bonaelamour.com

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Sound of Heart was written and sung by Cazz featuring Dennis Lawrence exclusively for Hats Off For Cancer.

Buy it on iTunes, all profit goes to Hats Off For Cancer!

Directed by Jessica Rotter, Produced by Dennis Lawrence, Music by Cazz, Edited by Hunter LeMoine.

A very special thanks to the cast and crew!

Everyone a part of this volunteered their time and efforts. We’re so thankful for you all.

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Like the song in the background? It’s Sound of Heart, written and sung by Cazz featuring Dennis Lawrence exclusively for Hats Off For Cancer. Buy it on iTunes, all profit goes to Hats Off For Cancer: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sound-heart-hats-off-for-cancer/id469444476

While more than 45 children are being diagnosed with cancer every day, Hats Off For Cancer is hard at work providing hats and smiles to these heroic kids. More than one million children on five continents have benefited from this program since it BEGAN in 1996. You can join us and help bring smiles and happiness to the brave kids fighting the battle of their lives. Start a Hats Off for Cancer Club at your school, hold a hat drive or fundraising event in your community or at your company. Personally, I have seen how the gift of a hat can brighten a difficult day, and believe me it is worth our time and effort. To learn more log on to www.hatsoffforcancer.org. Together we can put a big smile on the face of a child fighting cancer!

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