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Posted on November 26, 2012 at 9:43 PM

FRISCO — A Frisco principal says bald is beautiful. And now, he doesn’t have to worry about his hair in the morning.

He made good on a bet with students.

Imani Miller is a dancer. She’s a lieutenant on the Heritage High School drill team. In September, she had a relapse of leukemia. She’s undergoing chemotherapy. Imani is one of two students at Heritage who are battling cancer.

“It’s really hard to wrap your mind around the fact that someone so close to you has been suffering so much,” said Bethany Alexander, Imani’s friend.

Heritage principal Mark Mimms made a promise to his students: If they raised thousands of dollars for a cancer organization, he would shave his head.

“I chose to do this because I want to honor them,” Mimms said. “My hair will grow back.”

In one week, students exceeded the principal’s challenge. They raised $6,600 for Hats Off For Cancer.

“They were coming in, digging the change out of their purses or out of their pockets, and turning it in,” said Jacqueline Hollowell, DECA sponsor.

Students who helped raise money saw the shaving in person. The rest of the school watched it from their classrooms.

“And I think it was an eye opener to the students that there are a lot of students going through a lot worse than they are, and that we need to be appreciative,” said Tannaz Zakeri, Imani’s friend.

News 8 spent some time with Imani Miller. She didn’t feel up to appearing on camera. She’s in remission and must endure two-and-a-half years of chemo treatments. She and her mother told us all the love coming from her school is therapeutic.

“And to know that her friends and her classmates and the teachers and everyone is not only thinking about her, but rallying for her, it means a lot,” Kimberly Miller said. “It’s a huge boost for her, emotionally.”

The kids at school say it’s been a boost for them too, knowing they’re bringing comfort to two classmates, in such a tough time.

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Thousands help kids battling cancer during 6th annual Mad Hatter fundraisers for Hats Off For Cancer | PRLog.

Thousands help kids battling cancer during 6th annual Mad Hatter fundraisers for Hats Off For Cancer

On one of the silliest days of the year, Mad Hatter Day, Hats Off For Cancer charity is hosting their 6th annual nationwide Mad Hatter fundraiser and hat drive for kids and teens battling cancer. This is a wonderful opportunity for groups to help.


Collage of Hats Off For Cancer hat recipients
Collage of Hats Off For Cancer hat recipients

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 04, 2012 – Thousands help kids battling cancer during 6th annual Mad Hatter fundraisers for Hats Off For Cancer.

LOS ANGELES – The 6th of October is one of the silliest days of the year, also known as Mad Hatter Day. It is almost exactly half a year away from April Fool’s Day and is represented by the illustrations found in the hat of the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In celebration of this silly day, Hats Off For Cancer is hosting their 6th annual nationwide Mad Hatter fundraiser and hat drive for children and teens battling cancer.

Since its founding in 1996, Hats Off For Cancer has donated more than 1,500,000 brand new hats to hospitals, camps and individuals worldwide. This event provides a wonderful opportunity for groups to raise funds, awareness, and provide hats to children and teens with cancer.  In 2011, a record of over 500 groups participated in this wonderful event.  With the help of schools, businesses, churches and sports teams across the country, Hats Off For Cancer hopes to bring even more smiles to the faces of children with cancer.

“Hats Off for Cancer is one of the few great charities where we can all have a direct and tangible effect on the lives of others. In the most simplistic yet profound way we can give the gift of hope in a journey that sometimes breaks us, but with the outcome, that after words, we are stronger in the broken places.”
-Eric Christian Olsen (Actor, NCIS LA; Celebrity Spokesperson and Board Member, Hats Off For Cancer)

Events are currently planned in: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Ontario, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington.  It’s not too late for groups to register their events at the Hats Off For Cancer web site: http://www.hatsoffforcancer.org/mad-hatter-drive.

About Hats Off For Cancer:

Hats Off For Cancer collects and donates hats of all kinds to the courageous children who lose their hair due to cancer treatments. As one of the leading and original hat programs, Hats Off For Cancer has donated more than 1,500,000 brand new hats to hospitals, camps, and individuals worldwide since 1996. Hats Off For Cancer continues to focus on ways to improve the lives of children and teens battling cancer. Hats Off For Cancer is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  More information can be found on the Hats Off For Cancer web site: http://www.hatsoffforcancer.org.

For Media Inquiries please contact: Tara Lawrence, 424-888-4632

director@hatsoffforcancer.org  |  http://www.hatsoffforcancer.org.

Watch the Hats Off For Cancer Public Service Announcement featuring NCIS LA actor Eric Christian Olsen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEIV7W5YlfU.

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This week we are honoring 15-year-old Jordan Thorne, who battled brain cancer two separate times starting at age 9.  The first tumor was removed through a surgery.  It wasn’t until 3 years later that doctors found another tumor and determined that it was cancerous.  This time, the tumor would only be treatable through chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  Fortunately, Jordan has been cancer-free now for the past three years!

Jordan has motivated and educated people about cancer.  We could not be more proud of all of his numerous achievements and awards.  He is truly an inspiration to many! – Eva Murphy

Jordan raised funds for cancer research, helped with fashion shows, cancer walks, Cops for Cancer programs, and was even featured on a flyer handed out during the night they lit the CN Tower (in Toronto, Canada) gold for childhood cancer last September.  He is also being honored this September with the “‘Ace Bailey’ Award of Courage NHL Alumni Award” for his numerous good deeds.

Jordan also works with a program that helps teach disabled children how to ride a bike.  This is especially dear to Jordan as he was unable to ride a bike after his first tumor nearly seven years ago.  The program helped him get back on a bike and now he is paying it forward, helping others.  Jordan’s list of accomplishments does not end there.  He has written a motivational speech and a rap song about his battle with cancer and the affects on his life.  Jordan’s wish is to be a motivational speaker when he grows up.

It’s not only Jordan’s battle with cancer, but his positive outlook and mission to help others that make it easy to name Jordan our HOC Hero of the Week!  Check out Jordan’s Facebook group to let him know what an inspiration he is!

If you know a child or teen who is battling or has battled cancer and you want to nominate them for our next HOC Hero of the Week, tell us about your hero and include photos and any links to their pages so we can support them!  Fill out the nomination form here: http://hatsoffforcancer.org/nominate-hero

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I have been receiving a lot of emails from schools, groups and companies, asking how to help spread awareness during September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  I thought it might be good to address that here on the blog.  First, check out our Get Involved section on the Hats Off For Cancer (HOC) Web site if you know how you want to help.  If you’re still unsure, keep reading.

One of the easiest and more impacting ways to get involved is by hosting a Mad Hatter Drive at your school or church, in your community, with an organization or at your place of work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are a ton of different ideas for your drive listed in our e-packets.

  • Some that have been very successful for groups in the past include designating a “Hat Day” where you collect a $1 donation from each person that wears a hat for the day.
  • Another great idea for an elementary or middle school is asking everyone to bring in their craziest hat and put it on during an assembly, asking for a $1 donation for HOC, and then holding a “Hat Parade” outside so everyone can see the fun hats and handing out prizes in certain categories!
  • You can host a Mad Hatter tea party and charge admission, either a new hat or a couple of dollars.
  • Hat drives are also a great way to give back, asking everyone to bring in new, kid-friendly hats to give to HOC.
  • Some groups have held a Battle of the Bands or a local concert after school or at church and used the admission fees to donate to HOC.
  • High Schools and Colleges have challenged rival schools to a competition to see who can raise the most money or collect the most hats.
  • Contact your local grocery store about partnering to ask patrons to donate $1 and they can write their name on a hat cut-out and post them up in the store display area.
  • Church groups and civic organizations and groups can knit or crochet soft hats.
  • Schools have used assembly time to show the HOC PSA and music video as a way to help everyone understand a little more about cancer and who is being helped through volunteering for Hats Off For Cancer.
  • Companies can give workers additional casual day passes for those that have participated in a donation or hat drive, or hold a golf outing with your company as the sponsor.
  • Everyone can get involved by hosting a virtual fundraiser through our online donation page where you can set up your very own page for Hats Off For Cancer and send the link out to family and friends.
  • You can find more ideas based on your type of group and event by visiting the Get Involved section of our Web site: Get Involved.

Truly, the opportunities are endless.  However, the most important part to remember is that you’re helping to spread awareness of this terrible disease, and you’re encouraging others to donate in a very simple, but in a way that is very meaningful and important to those benefiting from it.

Ultimately, one of the goals of Hats Off For Cancer is that everyone who participates in or coordinates an event, realizes how easy it is to give back, and uses this as a springboard to continue seeking out opportunities to give back to others in need.


Here is a fun way to promote awareness. Just share this photo on your facebook page or tweet it to your followers!

Remember, getting involved can be as easy as you want it to be, but the impact can be felt for the rest of your life.

Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll consider joining us in bringing some much needed awareness to the courageous kids and teens who are battling and have battled cancer!

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Cancer has touched the lives of so many people and this is one way you can be involved and help.  The campus of Central Michigan University is having a collection drive from April 16 to April 30 for Hats Off For Cancer.

Coming to campus for a baseball or softball game? Drop off a hat!  Thought of someone special that you miss or hugged a child?  Drop off a hat in their honor.

Donations may be made in honor of a cancer survivor or in loving memory of someone special.

Collection sites are available across campus at the following locations:

  • Dean’s Office (Anspach 106)
  • Faculty Personnel Services (Warriner 308)
  • Human Resources (Rowe 118)
  • Student Disability Services (Park 120)
  • Volunteer Center (UC 106), CMIC (EHS 134)
  • Broadcast and Cinematic Arts office (Moore 240)
  • Communication Disorders Office (HP 2163)

Central Michigan University cancer survivors

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This week we are honoring 1-year-old Logan Munro, affectionately known as Loganberry and Logie Bear.  Little Logan is battling a form of malignant brain cancer known as Medulloblastoma.  You can help him and his family by clicking the links at the bottom for his personal donation page!

Logan “Logie Bear” Munro

Logan was born in February, 2011 and at his three month check-up, his doctor noticed his head was large for a baby his age.  Those concerns grew when Logan was not meeting certain milestones in development.  After a brain scan and biopsies, it was determined that Logan had five tumors.  He underwent surgery in December 2011 to remove one tumor.  The others were too large and now Logan is undergoing chemotherapy to decrease the size of the others in order for the doctors to operate.

Logan “Logie Bear” Munro

According to Logan’s nominator (his cousin, Melissa):

Throughout it all, Logan continues to be a loving and happy baby. Logan is such a vibrant little boy who almost always has a smile on his face no matter what he is going through (In fact he recently was admitted to the ER and eventually isolation due to a fever and extremely low blood counts and except for when they were accessing his port, was smiling at all the nurses and doctors).  Between treatments, Logan is a happy baby who turns up the wattage on his grin when he sees his toy tow truck, watches Baby Einstein on TV or finds an adult with whom to flirt.

You can show your support for Logan via his Facebook page and donation site.  “Like” Logan’s page and show him and his family that we are thinking and praying for his health and recovery!

Logan “Logie Bear” Munro

If you know a child or teen who is battling or has battled cancer and you want to nominate them for our next HOC Hero of the Week, tell us about your hero and include photos and any links to their pages so we can support them!  Fill out the nomination form here: http://hatsoffforcancer.org/nominate-hero

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We received many nominations for our very first HOC Hero of the Week, but no one received more nominations than Haylee Bjorn.  Haylee is a 10-year-old girl fighting A.L.L. Leukemia, diagnosed just days before Christmas, 2011.  Those nominating Haylee described her contagious upbeat spirit and big smile that lights up a room.

Haylee Bjorn

We couldn’t think of a better person to be our first Hero!  Here are some of the comments received in support of Haylee:

When others were celebrating Christmas and Santa – she and her family were worrying about health…But there it was – that smile – the smile that she has continued to show to the world – the smile that says I am going to make it ….and it will be OK…she reminds us all to enjoy the day, live it to the fullest and savor the gifts we have. So yes – hero of the week – hero of the decade – this young girl who shares herself with all of us.

Her spirits have been nothing but positive thus far. In a matter of two months, she has manged to touch so many hearts. Her positive attitude makes her a hero in everyones eyes. Even when things got rough, her precious smile never left her face. She endured a month long stay in the hospital due to complications. She is truly an inspiration and a true HERO to every heart she touches.

My heart breaks for her everytime I see her…in pain or she is afraid to do or take something, yet my heart is filled with joy and love for her smile and how much I LOVE THIS KID and seeing how much everyone else loves her…every mother knows they would do anything for there child and how much they love them, but when you’re in this position your reminded every minute of every day.

Let Haylee know you’re thinking about her and sending her prayers through the Pray for Haylee facebook page.

If you know a child or teen who is battling or has battled cancer and you want to nominate them for our next HOC Hero of the Week, tell us about your hero and include photos and any links to their pages so we can support them!  Fill out the nomination form here: http://hatsoffforcancer.org/nominate-hero

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