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We received many nominations for our very first HOC Hero of the Week, but no one received more nominations than Haylee Bjorn.  Haylee is a 10-year-old girl fighting A.L.L. Leukemia, diagnosed just days before Christmas, 2011.  Those nominating Haylee described her contagious upbeat spirit and big smile that lights up a room.

Haylee Bjorn

We couldn’t think of a better person to be our first Hero!  Here are some of the comments received in support of Haylee:

When others were celebrating Christmas and Santa – she and her family were worrying about health…But there it was – that smile – the smile that she has continued to show to the world – the smile that says I am going to make it ….and it will be OK…she reminds us all to enjoy the day, live it to the fullest and savor the gifts we have. So yes – hero of the week – hero of the decade – this young girl who shares herself with all of us.

Her spirits have been nothing but positive thus far. In a matter of two months, she has manged to touch so many hearts. Her positive attitude makes her a hero in everyones eyes. Even when things got rough, her precious smile never left her face. She endured a month long stay in the hospital due to complications. She is truly an inspiration and a true HERO to every heart she touches.

My heart breaks for her everytime I see her…in pain or she is afraid to do or take something, yet my heart is filled with joy and love for her smile and how much I LOVE THIS KID and seeing how much everyone else loves her…every mother knows they would do anything for there child and how much they love them, but when you’re in this position your reminded every minute of every day.

Let Haylee know you’re thinking about her and sending her prayers through the Pray for Haylee facebook page.

If you know a child or teen who is battling or has battled cancer and you want to nominate them for our next HOC Hero of the Week, tell us about your hero and include photos and any links to their pages so we can support them!  Fill out the nomination form here: http://hatsoffforcancer.org/nominate-hero

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