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This week, we would like to honor Kamryn Schumann, our HOC Hero of the Week!  4-year-old Kamryn was diagnosed with Stage 3 Wilms’ Tumor in November 2010.

Kamryn is an inspiration to ALL those around her! She was never a victim to cancer; she fought and beat cancer, and continues to be a strong girl! Who ever said that kids can’t be teachers? Kamryn has taught me to treasure life and face challenges in a new way. She’s truly an angel here on Earth!

Kamryn shows off her Disney Princess hat sent by Hats Off For Cancer in 2011

We are happy to report that Kamryn beat cancer in June 2011, and has been cancer-free ever since!

Kamryn in 2012, showing off her big smile as a cancer survivor!

To mark this incredible news, a family friend wrote this poem for Kamryn and shared it with us:

S– Sometimes life’s obstacles become one of our greatest ife stories its true, Even though we don’t understand why things happen they way they do.

U– Understanding God’s  plan is left unknown and hard, But we cannt give up hope and let down our guard

R– Remembering that your family and friends were all near made it easier to face challenges and anything you feared

V– Voices of prayer were spoken for you, To keep you wiht God’s angels and all you went through

I– In Novemeber you faced the biggest batttle of all, But throught the whole thing you stood courageous and tall

V– Victim of cancer, is what you were not,  You stayed strong and brave in every step that you fought

O– On June 27, 2011, the best news was sent from above, For God and his angels watched over you and surrounded you wth their love

R– Reading the scan came easy for doctors as they delivered the news that day- They said you were finished and a SURVIVOR it’s true, Forever and Always!

(written by Holly Cole)

You can keep track of Kamryn’s story through her CaringBridge page.

If you know a child or teen who is battling or has battled cancer and you want to nominate them for our next HOC Hero of the Week, tell us about your hero and include photos and any links to their pages so we can support them!  Fill out the nomination form here: http://hatsoffforcancer.org/nominate-hero

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